Personality quiz

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This template is the perfect starting point for your Personality Quiz.
Add the executable script from your dashboard at, write the questions, player choices and decide how to categorize them based on their answers! Then you're good to publish. Simple. As. That.

If you're more of a freestyler, using this template as your jumping off point and add components from the library on
Let's get quizzing!

Follow these steps to set up your quiz

1. Add the executable code
Connect the script from your dashboard at
2. Fill in your own questions and answers in the CMS collection
Go to the CMS collections tab as shown in the screenshot.

Add Questions - Add all questions and answer options in the "Questions and Answers" CMS collections.

Add Points - If you want to assign specific amount of points to each answer, fill in the "Answer Points" fields.

Add State - If you have one right answer, put "true" if this is the right answer and "false" if it's wrong to each answer option of every question.

Set the order - Put the order numbers in "Step Number" field so the questions appear in the right order. The right format is: "step-1".
3. If adding bespoke outcome messages, now it's time to add them.
Add your custom messages in the "Results" CMS collection.

Put the range of the correct answers (minimum and maximum amount) for every custom result message
4. Time to tweak the design.
Adjust the design as you wish, but if you want the quiz to run smoothly out of the box, don't touch the structure. All logic flows, component layouts (both desktop and mobile) have all been tested.

If you're a Webflow novice and need help with color changes and updating things like fonts and background. You can find more detailed instructions on this page.
5. Game on! It's time to publish and play.
The "Free Testing Mode" plan lets you to publish your project on staging domains, which gives you an opportunity to test everything as long as you need!

As soon as you are ready to move to the custom domain, just upgrade to the "Deploy" plan in your dashboard. Add your custom domain, and start delighting your users and maybe getting that valuable dataset together.